Diet Clinic

People's nutritional state can protect or predispose them towards a chronic disease. Balanced nutrition is essential for good health, physical growth and development, as well to regulate the necessary body processes. The nutrition advice that healthcare specialists offer should be followed religiously for better recovery and good health. Medical treatment for several conditions like obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, renal dysfunction include diet therapy. Thus, nutrition is both a preventive and therapeutic science.

Our Diet Clinic offer services like Daily OPD, Bariatric Diet, Oncology Diet, Antenatal Diet, and PHP-Diet. On the other hand, for the Inpatient Care, Daily rounds are taken by Dieticians wherin, nutritional screening and assessment of all patients is done at the time of admission, and diet is planned according to the therapeutic needs. All patients are advised diet consults as part of “Care of Plan” on discharge. The department of Clinical Nutrition and dietetics has qualified professionals who aim at offering the best care possible.